The creator of the infamous Baby Jesus Buttplug now brings you this spooky handsome beast: Not only a beautiful sculpture of “Death,” but also a highly functional dildo.

Update 4/3/2022: Divine Interventions closed shop a few years back, rumored due to receiving death threats from religious organization. Nigel, if you ever happen to see this, I’d love to hear from you and I’m so sorry this happened to you. The toy community misses you.

I was dubious at first, as to how a toy shaped like a hooded personification of death itself could double as an instrument of pleasure — but he quickly won over every single one of my playmates with his functionality.

Sculpted to look like a hooded figure swathed in robes

The toy is a respectable “average” phallus size, and made of some of the finest, silkiest silicone I’ve ever encountered. It had a firm texture, and I had no doubt to the quality of the material or the design from first glance on.

Though the original sculpture was definitely carved, and some detail on the face showed the etchings of sculptor’s tools, the silicone itself was firm with no bubbles, scrapes, or rough areas to indicate the harboring of bacteria.

I would, however, recommend that you use this toy with a condom if you want easy clean up — the ridges & detailing make it more difficult to clean. A small trade off, for such a beautiful piece.

What impressed me most about the Grim Reaper himself was how the robes cascading down the back naturally became ridges clearly designed to pleasure the receiver with their texture — yet they did not seem out of place for the design of the intimidating shadowy figure of Death himself.

Shapely curves help keep the toy in a harness easily!

The toy even stays in a strap on harness fairly well, due to the curve of “testicles” created at the back.

Overall, Death is a handsome, macabre dildo that any goth or admirer of occult imagery would be proud to own and use. It may be off-putting to those less comfortable with spooky visuals, though.

Is it a penis, or the shadowy figure of Death cum to take you away?

Because of the firmness of the toy and the abundance of texture, most of my bottoms seemed to be more drawn to use it vaginally. However, it can be used anally with plenty of lube & patience and a bit of gentleness.

Overall, I have been impressed with this toy and it has made an incredible ice breaker as well! We have even talked about making plans to create a “Lady Death” strap on video in the future using it.

7 and 3/4 inches high
1 and 3/4 inches diameter