Do you adore the fullness of an anal toy applying pressure inside of you? This thick little toy opens inside of you like a flower blossom. This also makes it somewhat easier to insert than it is to withdraw.

This platinum silicone toy was sent to me by the amazing Meo.De for review. It is no longer available for sale on their website, although similar concept toys are available.

Practical use of this toy: I find it a little bit “fiddly” during insertion. For background, I am a top and I play with a lot of different bottoms and get their feedback on toys before I perform my review (and occasionally ask them to co-author.) So when I am using this toy, I pinch the two sides together, and insert it into someone. I find this difficult enough, especially when it’s slippery with lube, but possible. I have a really hard time imagining how someone would be able to do it for themselves unless they were VERY flexible and coordinated. So consider that into any decisions you make. If you are playing solo, unless you find it very easy and comfortable to reach your hole, you may find this one difficult to work with.

The base of this toy is wide enough to prevent it from slipping inside, but also a long narrow design, so that it slides along your crevice making it more comfortable for longer wears.

The usable length is about 3″ and at the widest portion when the petals are closed are about 2″ long.

This is definitely a toy for very advanced anal players. Because it expands inside of you, you need to be very relaxed in order to remove it again comfortably. I would not recommend using this toy if it is at all difficult to insert, since the removal may be more difficult than the insertion itself.

The texture of the silicone is smooth and velvety. Not the kind of glossy finish that picks up hair and dust and things. A real texture delight.