How are you different from any other toy reviewer?!

I am a pansexual nonbinary Dom/top who is by trade a professional dominant sex worker, indie femdom pornographer, and sex educator. Those are a lot of words to explain this: The toys I use will get a LOT of exposure to the queer, kink and sex work communities.

Toys in my collection are used extensively in my video work, and my video work is cast very diversely. I film with a wide array of people with very different types of anatomy: Men, women, non-binary & trans folk, thin folk, fat folk, disabled folk. Masochists, fetishists, and even vanilla people!

As such, my reviews will give the perspective of usage on a multitude of individuals instead of the perspective of a single person and their specific preferences.

What other types of promotion do you offer?

My toys will continue to be used in my work for many years to come. I’ve been producing videos for about 13 years, and I have no intention of stopping any time soon!

If a toy can go the distance, it will stay in the eyes of my customers, fans, and onlookers for as long as I continue to use it. I try to credit the toy manufacturer where possible in clip descriptions, in social media posts such as Sharesome, Twitter, and Fetlife, as well as on this blog with a formal review for many years to come. For some videos, I feature them on my YouTube channel and even have been known to follow up a review to show how well a product has performed over time.

What will you review?

I will happily review dildos, strokers/masturbators, strap-on harnesses, leather & vinyl fetish wear, lingerie, bondage gear or implements of masochistic desire, safety/clean up supplies, ABDL clothing/toys or chastity devices.

I prefer to work with smaller companies and start-ups, but I am happy to review toys for mainstream companies too – especially if they’re branching out into using hygienic, body safe materials.

Will your review be mean?!

I’m a pretty positive person. Unless a toy is unsafe or the manufacturer uses deceitful practices with regards to their materials, expect a positive review focusing honestly on the toy’s strengths.

I will always try to give a toy creator private, constructive criticism before I go public with a review to allow them to come up with a solution for any major problems I discover. I want to help toy companies succeed & thrive! I have been known to approach a company privately with feedback to get some help with a concern or criticism I’ve had.

I absolutely will not lie or pretend a toy is good if it is not, though, so if you don’t feel like your toys can hold up to real use and scrutiny — I’m not the one.

How else do you support the toy companies you work with?

Well for one, I try to stay active in supporting toy manufacturers by linking to their sales, contests, and other promotional events that customers need to know about!

If you have Twitter or other social media, expect that I will swing by every month or so to reblog or retweet some of your more interesting postings like sales or “drops!” I stay engaged as much as possible.

I’m also happy to hand out your pamphlets or business cards when I attend events or conventions. Just ask!

Collaborative promotional efforts are ALWAYS welcome, too. Joint contests, affiliate programs, or any other joint marketing projects – I’m up for it.

I’m a fan of toy makers, and I want your business to thrive so you can continue making quality & safe toys for all those who need them!

How do I get you to review MY thing?!

If you’ve read this and would like to collaborate together, contact me at: with your proposal!

Please send this page to any indie toymaker you know who needs exposure.