A “princess plug” is a cute term for a butt plug that is designed to be super girlie, beautiful body jewelry rather than just an anal stretching device. It is incredibly popular among fetish models & photographers for obvious reasons, and a wonderful way to make anal stimulation seem less intimidating. 

Crystal Delights is a premium glass anal plug manufacturer specializing in beautiful “princess plugs.”

I have owned this particular plug since 2012. It has adorned many a beautiful rump, and has nary a scratch nor a scuff on it.

Beautiful glass princess plug, color: dark blue
A beautiful glass princess plug

Borosilicate glass (also known as “Pyrex,” a brand name of this type of glass) is incredibly durable, impact resistant. It IS possible to break, but under normal play circumstances it is incredibly unlikely. It is also non-porous and body safe: non toxic. Thus, it is a wonderful choice for a sex toy if you crave a beautiful & smooth, firm toy.

Quilted soft bag for glass sex toy
Quilted soft bag for glass butt plug

These toys are absolute luxury items. Even the packaging is premium: The soft cloth bag included with this one was made out of a beautiful brocade fabric, quilted thickly to protect the toy from clunking about in a toy case or a drawer. Bags like this are necessary with any glass toy, to keep it from developing any cracks or chips that could cut the delicate tissues of the body. This bag, tied together with two ribbons, takes things to a whole new level — presenting as incredibly sumptuous & elegant.

Princess butt plug next to cola bottle for size comparison
Princess butt plug next to cola bottle for size comparison

Crystal Delights creates toys in many different sizes. This one is a small, but it’s a bit larger than the other “small” plug of theirs that I own  — since these items are created by hand, I believe the size varies slightly with each product. I hope to review the other plug soon!


Princess anal plug
Princess anal plug

I spoke to Crystal Delights and they said that while the mirror glass plug is not available on their website, they would consider making them again — simply write and ask! And they do have in stock a number of fabulous toys with genuine Swarovski crystals, fur, jewelry, and other beautiful adornments. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!

As a warning, though: Don’t boil these toys like you might other sex toys to disinfect them!  This can mess with the glue holding on the jewelry, and while it is possible to glue the jewel back on, it is quite a pain in the butt — no pun intended! 😉

It is also important that you always store your glass toy in the included soft bag or another thick, quilted fabric, to protect it from damage. Before use of any glass toy, run your hands over the glass and carefully check for rough areas, scratches, or cracks. If any of these present, you need to stop using the toy. It is rare — I’ve never had any glass toy of mine chip or break — but in my opinion it is better to be overly careful than to get any butt-glass!

Visit Crystal Delights, the manufacturer, here.