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Getting the most from your “Splorch” ovipositor

Some of you may be aware that I’ve done a lot of work & play with Primal Hardwere’s Splorch, one of their line of ovipositor dildos — egg laying sex toys.  I have some tips for taking your ovipositor even further; this is based off of my experience with Splorch, but may apply well to any of their fantastic egg depositing toys.   Continue Reading “Getting the most from your “Splorch” ovipositor”


Panty Strap-on Harness (Crotchless) by RodeoH

RodeoH has long been known for their comfortable underwear designed to hold strap on harnesses & packers. When they released a new line of more feminine, sensual panty harnesses, I was immediately drawn to the beautiful crotchless/backless strap on-holding panty. Would it live up to it’s reputation for being the most comfortable strap on “harness” available?

Continue Reading “Panty Strap-on Harness (Crotchless) by RodeoH”