A handsomely textured abstract penetration toy with a unique and beastly strong suction cup, the “Spiralizer” is sure to please any texture-loving hole!

A blue dildo with a suction cup flared base
The suction cup base of the Spiralizer!

The suction cup on this baby is different from any I’ve seen before. A smooth, flat surface with a ridge on the bottom that cups perfectly to any flat slick surface. And, doubles as a flared base!

The Spiralizer by Sabaist Dicks
The Spiralizer by Sabaist Dicks

The textures are beautiful. It has “threads” like a screw, but muted. Then, the threads also have beads — ALONG the threads. Look!

Knobby blue dildo
The Spiralizer features a beautiful and unique texture — INDEED named quite well

The “muted” sense, though, keeps these ridges from being painful or uncomfortable. The toy still glides along, allowing for a wonderful sensation if it is twisted gently, or thrust! The slick shiny surface of the toy adds to the smooth sensation as well.

The Spiralizer by Sabaist Dicks
The Spiralizer by Sabaist Dicks

The firmness was perfect for such a small toy — allowing each bump and ridge to be felt completely.

And of course the material is a beautiful premium silicone, meaning the toy is totally non porous and body safe!


extremely textured girthy short dildo
Bumpy “Screw Threads” on the Spiralizer

The colors, obviously, are also crisp and beautiful. So far I have not seen many wild colorations from Sabaist Dicks, but the colors they do offer are simply dreamy. & all of their designs similarly wild in how they explore texture!

I do believe that the taper of this toy makes it perfect for anal penetration, too. The smooth tapered tip allows a gentle parting of the anus for a gentle entry. A wonderful exploratory tool for anyone who is interested in some girth play.

size comparison next to a cola bottle
The Spiralizer dildo is pictured here next to a cola bottle!

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