Is this toy from a by women, for women company the ultimate harness-free strap-on? Perhaps. Let’s discuss all the advantages over similar models.

First of all, I wanted to appreciate Wet For Her for being open to a pansexual queer babe like me reviewing their products. Not only did they say YES but they were excited to hear my take on how the toys might work with many different bodies & genital configuration. I would encourage ALL of you, no matter your gender identity, to keep yourself open to using toys marketed to any demographic — you can discover some of the best stuff just by staying open minded & not locked into gender roles.

Secondly, I’m just going to cut to the chase. I own several different similar dildos like this, starting with the original “Feeldoe” that I’ve owned for over ten years, and this is my favorite incarnation I’ve tried yet. Absolute favorite.

From right to left: Tantus ‘Feeldoe’, Fun Factory ‘Share’, and Wet For Her ‘Union’

These types of toys work by fitting inside the body of a vagina-having person with a round bulb, the rest of it protruding forward giving the visual of a phallus merely having sprouted forward out of the person’s body! The partner can then close their legs tightly and pleasure another with the toy without needing a strap on harness to hold the toy in, necessarily, allowing a feeling of greater intimacy and for some giving a great way to explore gender.

The first bit of innovation? The BENDABLE body. Somehow, inside the medical grade silicone exterior, there is some sort of structure that holds the toy in place when you flex it. I’ve seen this in a few quality toys before, but in this model, it is BRILLIANT. It allows you to curve the toy however you need to reach all the very best bits, wrapping around the body to protrude better & to fit more pleasurably to the curves of the vulva it adorns.

Bent into an upcurve
Bent into a down curve

The second bit of innovation? The toy features a lifted crest with three ripples, designed to rest on the clitoral area of the person wearing & wielding the device, giving a greater chance of that person climaxing from the play time.

The toy is made from a velvety, solid silicone, giving a feeling of the absolute highest quality possible. And the bullet vibe that comes with the toy is extraordinarily powerful, has multiple ‘pulse’ settings available, and is re-chargeable.

The bullet is removable, allowing the entire toy to be either run through a dishwasher, boiled or bleached for easy clean up.

Dimensions for each size: (Pictured in my review is the medium. )
Small : Length : 5.90″ Diameter : 1.06″ – 2 Fingers – Bulb Diameter : 1.45″
Medium : Length : 5.90″ Diameter : 1.38″ – 3 Fingers – Bulb Diameter : 1.45″
Large : Length : 5.90″ Diameter : 1.61″ – 4 Fingers – Bulb Diameter :  1.45″

 – an improvement on a common design 
– mold it to your own ideal shape through bending
– high quality silicone material & powerful vibe makes for a luxury toy
– versatile, multi-purpose toy
– good choice for gender exploration
– ridges allow for greater potential of orgasm for the user

The “Union” is available from WetForHer and comes in multiple sizes. Buy one here.