Ready to offer your partner a helping hand? Or improve solo play? Check it out.

I’m going to be honest here, this toy is probably one of the most niche toys I’ve ever reviewed. Still, there might be someone out there who truly needs this product. Let’s think about it.

Made from premium, hygienic silicone, the Finger Extender is shaped precisely like two slim, delicately built fingers, and caps over your own natural fingers.

I found it a little awkward to use. Now, don’t get me wrong. It fit perfectly over my two tiny fingers, and seemed to work okay on hands a bit larger than my own. It stayed on well, wasn’t uncomfortable, and definitely made my fingers much longer.

The awkward part? I felt SILLY! I felt like I had two webbed fingers.

Still, I am no stranger to feeling silly, so onward I plunged. Literally.

I think that this toy would be most useful to people who have a partner who isn’t comfortable with the idea of a traditional sex toy, but is interested in a bit more size or length than their partners existing fingers. I think it might, for just the right person, bridge the gap between not using toys at all and exploring a little.

I also think that for someone with arthritis — which, I do in fact have — it reduces the pain of finger fucking someone.

That said, I will honestly say that for people outside of these circumstances, I don’t see this toy getting a ton of use.

Nonetheless, it makes sex more accessible and fun for people within those two demographics. So — why not?!

Not to mention, if you have long fingernails — you no longer have to worry you may hurt or tear your partner. There are other ways around that, of course, like wearing layers of gloves — but this does the trick quite securely.

Plus, being made of premium silicone, it is hygienic and can be disinfected by boiling or bleaching.

The pink “Finger Extender” can be purchased directly from WetForHer.