For many years now, I have been hunting for an all-non-porous silicone douche / enema bulb. On a few occasions, I came close & even thought I found the one for me only to find I’d been duped. And now, it seems I’ve finally found it.

You may wonder why I need an enema bulb. After all, I have all sorts of hygienic enema canisters: Metal cans, silicone bags, metal syringes. But there’s just something about those enema bulbs that excite me. If you follow my work you may’ve seen that I enjoy filling someone up, one bulb at a time, counting how many they can take. I also enjoy filling a bowl with warm water & another with cold, and alternating using my bulb. It’s versatile.

silicone enema bulb
Silicone enema bulb

But since I play with multiple play partners, I have to be very careful about hygiene. I like to use toys that contain only all body-safe, non-porous materials. This means I’ve been quite out of luck for many years, only getting to use an enema bulb if it had been designated for a single person’s use. (And even then, I recommend opting for the silicone option if at all possible!

As such, I’ve been hunting for a toy like this one for years. And I’ve finally found it — or so it seems.

All silicone enema bulb, nozzle unscrewed
All silicone enema bulb, nozzle unscrewed

My only caveat is that I haven’t found it from a name brand source, so quality control may be poor. A bunch of companies are selling this device under various generic brand names on Amazon. I purchased mine from a seller going by “Real” for $11.99. You can also find them from Beauty MollyYohami.

I like the “Real” seller because they are quick to offer a lengthy money back guarantee/warranty, a rare thing amongst sex toy sellers for certain. They had great communication when I wrote them to ask questions about the item, and their description seems most well written & accurate out of the three.

Packaging of silicone enema bulb
Packaging of silicone enema bulb, very discrete even out of the box

As a side note, I also think this toy would make a great sensual lube shooter as well. Use it to get a few ounces of a nice lubricant inside of a hole before penetration for a smoother glide, and the beads will double as a gentle warm up….

So, down to my thoughts on this product:

The good: It’s the holy grail. The nozzle appears to be pure silicone, odorless & non-porous. It has a velvety finish that ranks with some of the best quality silicone toys I’ve seen. It holds a fair amount of water — 5.11 oz according to the seller Real. The nozzle is wonderful, gently graduating “anal beads” that provides some interesting sensations. The nozzle has four outlets for water, on the sides, so you get a nice easy flow.

Silicone enema bulb nozzle featuring four holes for better flow
Silicone enema bulb nozzle featuring four holes for better flow

The bad: It does indeed leak from the seam of the nozzle — if you apply a great deal of pressure to the bulb. I don’t find this to be a deal breaker at all: For enema play I definitely have a towel, a chux pad, and/or a tarp down anyways!  And, the nozzle itself is firmer silicone than I’d recommend: It’s a bit “pokey” so you have to be careful with it. This is also not a deal breaker for me consider that most of the enema bulbs I’ve owned have all had hard plastic tips, but consider it in your decision to purchase this item for sure.

All silicone enema bulb pictured next to a standard US 20oz cola bottle
All silicone enema bulb pictured next to a standard US 20oz cola bottle