A fantastic little silicone prostate stimulator from meo.de turns out to be incredibly versatile with two usable ends!

What I noticed first about this toy was the quality of the silicone. Incredibly silky, velvety feeling. No ‘drag’.

The toy is a bit firm, but small enough that it isn’t intimidating even for a newbie to take.

It is definitely designed for people with prostates, but could work great for g-spot stimulation as well.

One end is almost like a realistic phallus, with a shaft that increases in thickness for a bit of excitement.

The other end is a smooth, round bulb.

A great choice for solo play or partnered play. It’s just long enough, and both ends work fine for a good grip.

Approx. 8″ long
Max of 1.5″diameter.

Find it here, on meo.de