A moderately sized colon snake dildo with plenty of texture for those who love sensation, this 16″ long non-porous silicone toy can be made with or without a “bore” to use it as an enema nozzle.

I chose to order mine with the bore to have the option to use it as an enema nozzle, of course. The color of this toy is a semi-translucent silicone, not clear precisely, but translucent enough that if you are running a dark colored liquid through the toy such as a coffee enema, you can see the fluids through the toy. Very visually enjoyable!

The barrel style ribs provide wonderful texture, allowing a bottom to really feel a toy as it is sliding inside. And, the depth of each “rib” allows a bottom to insert the toy to a desired depth and then hold the toy in their sphincter comfortably, making retention a breeze.

The length of the nozzle is 16 inches long including the flanged base. The 2″ diameter base insures that you cannot easily “lose” this toy inside of you, and even makes it possible to mount it to any ringed harness.

The generous length of the nozzle allows it to be inserted deeper inside the body, into the lower sigmoid colon and bypassing the rectum to allow a deep fill to be much more comfortable, a so called “colon tube.” But the thickness and texture leaves it more enjoyable than the average simple tube, as well as very easy to hold even with slippery lubricated hands.

SiliconeNozzles writes on their product listing, “This piece is not meant to function as a full retention style nozzle but will enhance your ability to retain the enema solution after it has been administered. Overall, it is a very pleasurable sensory enhancing nozzle as well.”

As all of SiliconeNozzles insertables, you can customize options such as choosing the bore size or no bore (a solid dildo), the firmness and the color.

The base price for this high quality, premium silicone toy is $84.00. Be aware that SiliconeNozzles often has quite a waiting list, so do not order this toy if you are on a short schedule!

Still, if you are looking to add to your colon nozzle toy collection, this piece is sure to be a favorite.