High quality artisinal sex toys with a pride color scheme? Count us in! Especially for this small, non threatening beginners plug that packs a wonderful punch of pleasure in such a tiny package!

This fantastic little toy is small enough to be non-threatening to any beginner. The tip is just as small as most people’s little finger, gently parting a shy beginner’s tight hole.

The material is very high quality silicone, with a matte velvet finish. The color scheme presents a beautiful, bright rainbow matched with a gentle grey shade. Very elegant.

Despite being so small and gentle, this toy has some great features. The three bumps gently massage the sphincter, allowing it to relax open wide and tantalizing the nerve endings. Using the plug to stroke in and out will deliver wave after wave of stimulation.

Over all, I’d recommend this toy for any beginner. It would especially be great for couples play where one or both partners are a bit intimidated by the first time exploring the back door, with it’s charming colors and petite design.

The Bingo toy comes in such a fantastic wide range of colors, available from BS Atelier’s website, here.

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