A simple and beautiful anal or vaginal plug, a perfect mantelpiece design or aesthetic addition to your bedside toybox. The design is absolutely seductive.

The Capsula plug by BS Atelier

BS Atelier is a luxury toy company based out of Spain. They make only a few simple toys, but excel in quality, color, and presentation. Their toys arrive to me bundled elegantly and beautifully wrapped. Their designs are crafted to be simple and non-threatening, modest in size, perfect for any beginner in toy exploration or minimalist looking to seduce.

BS Atelier Capsula plug held in a small hand

The Cápsula is a simple shape that looks a bit like a pill capsule, which I presume is how the name came to be. It is perfectly smooth, rather firm silicone with a soft velvet finish.

The model they sent me is a dark brilliant blue and crisp opaque white. The thickest portion of the insertable plug is about 3 centimeters wide, and the neck is quite narrow. The base is wide and assures the toy would not slip inside, but would not be comfortable for most players to wear walking about for long durations.

Tip of the Capsula plug

This toy would be wonderful for someone new to anal exploration and looking to add some gentle anal fullness to their play time. Simple and beautiful, a perfect mantelpiece design or aesthetic addition to your bedside toybox. The design is absolutely seductive. I love introducing it during a sensual BDSM scene or for people with vulvas to wear it during other sexual activities to enhance their experience. I think it would make an amazing sensual gift for a lover.

The makers suggest this toy also may make a wonderful vaginal plug, which I have yet to try but I could see the appeal. The smooth edges and capsule design would give light stimulation continually, without any extreme stretch.

BS Atelier offers this toy in white & red, white & blue, white & pink and grey & black, or you can pay a bit more and design a custom color scheme.

Size dimensions per manufacturer as follows:

Insertable Length: 8 Cm
Diameter: 1,6 – 3 Cm
Total Length: 10 Cm

So far, I’ve loved everything that BS Atelier has sent me to review, and this toy is no exception! Please note, the maker’s website does state: “Because our pieces are made to order, please allow 3 weeks for making process and 2-6 days for shipping.”

Explore the Capsula further here or view BS Atelier’s main website here.

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