Another quality design from Hankey’s Toys, this tentacle shaped phallus lends itself to a strap on harness or other mount and comes in multiple sizes to please any hole.

This “Taintacle” dildo sent to me for review by the amazing Hankey’s Toys is their XXL size, the largest of three Taintacle offerings. The surface is a velvety finish, and the color is a lovely vivid blue.

The tip of the tentacle lends itself to gently opening any hole, becoming girthier and girthier along the length of the shaft, textured by smooth suction cups.

The suction cups on this toy are some of my favorites I’ve seen on any tentacle.

They are smooth round lifted circles that enhance the sensation rather than irritating obstacles to overcome, but they are still visually stunning and authentic.

Hankey’s Toys advertises the Taintacle as designed for anal, but I have discovered my vaginal size queens adore the toy just as well.

The smooth taper from the tip to the shaft give a steady stretch that appeals to any girth-craving hole, and the elegant curve make it perfect for g-spot or p-spot penetration alike.

Another great thing about the Taintacle is the base allows it to be held in any large strap-on o-ring for strapon penetration play, and strapping on a tentacle is an experience most tops will enjoy as much as the bottom!

Hankey’s Toys also offers it with a vac-u-lock attachment receptor in the base. With this optional add on you can specify in your order, you could mount it to a fucking machine, a vac-u-lock strap on base, or any other vac-u-lock system base.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of playing with a the small or large sizes of this toy yet myself, I have friends who own these models and have spoken of them just as highly. Note when ordering, however, that even the “small” size of this toy is a decent sized toy, not a petite or beginner’s model!

Ready to check it out? Find the toy listing for all sizes of the Taintacle dildo here, or visit Hankey’s Toys main site here.

The XXL size dimension per the manufacturer are as follows:

Circumference near head (rim): 4.00″
Circumference near middle: 10.50″
Circumference near base: 12.25″
Total length: 15.00″
Insertable length: 14.00″

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